Mental Health Awareness

Course TitleMental Health Awareness Training
DurationHalf Day
Outcomes1. Explore our own stigma around disability

2. Boost the well-being of your clients or customers

3. Boost the moral and effectiveness of those working with you

4. Understand and identify different kinds of mental distress

5. Learn how to respond to someone in mental distress

The Mental Health Awareness Training course aims to improve your team’s understanding of mental illness. Developing their ability to recognise and respond accordingly will greatly improve effectiveness and wellbeing both in and out of work by teaching them to manage stress and unhappiness. For those public-facing organisations, this course is invaluable in furthering your staff’s confidence in working with distressed customers and service-users.

An enourmous black dog follows in someone's shadow
The infamous black dog, as first coined by Winston Churchill to describe his depression.

In addition, this course is adaptable to both staff teams and management teams; the latter focusing on how to manage the wellbeing of your staff and offering a high level approach to working with individuals who are suffering with mental illness.

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The Mental Health Awareness Pack

Accompanying this course is a small pack that overviews the state of mental health in the UK. This covers some of the topics of the course but from a more pragmatic perspective. Please feel free to download and use the pack as you wish – the business of helping ourselves and others through mental distress is one we should all be engaged in.

You can find the pack here.

*Time and cost are negotiable according to your needs. Get in touch and we will look at making it suit your organisation as best as possible. Also please note that for courses outside of the Brighton & Hove area, travel costs are not included.