Digital Health in Schools

Course TitleDigital Health in Schools
AudienceStudents, Teachers and Pastoral Staff in Schools
DurationAn hour's workshop with students, a half day with staff.
Cost£500 although this can be broken down as per your school's unique requirements.
Outcomes1. Increase students awareness of digital and behavioural addictions

2. Encourage students to manage their friends' mental health

3. Give staff a clear framework for understanding addiction

4. Give staff pragmatic tips for managing digital addiction

5. Explore staff attitudes to games and gaming and the impact on students

Video games, the world’s most popular hobby, have become arguably the defining art form of the 21st Century thus far. With around 90% of young people playing games on some kind of device, games have become a fundamental part of our culture. Furthermore, social media has become intrinsic to the way we communicate and share ideas. To the extent that it now pervades youth culture, chiefly through applications such as Instagram and Snapchat.

At the same time many of us are aware of some kind of risk or loss in our increasing reliance upon screens. For those of us that grew up without such technology, we find ourselves having to manage and create rules for a world that, as young people, we knew nothing of.

Student playing video game

Improving the Digital Health of Your Students

Having worked as both a psychotherapist and game designer, Ciaran O’Connor has spent considerable time researching, working with and developing new approaches to the concept of digital health and gaming addiction. The latter was the focus of his book ‘Control the Controller‘.

Modern Mind Training offers a flexible set of workshops to schools designed to educate and explore the concept of digital health. While this can be adapted to fit around your needs and schedule, it typically consists of one hour workshops with students, a longer, more detailed workshop with staff and a final evening session for parents.

The student session is a relatively brief and engaging look at what it means to become addicted to games or social media, how to spot when that’s going on for a friend of yours and how best to respond to it.

The staff and parent session is designed to explore the older generation’s attitudes towards games and gaming, give them a solid framework for deciding when they think a young person is misusing technology and finally explore some concrete steps to help manage their situation.

Whether you want to use inset days, assemblies, after school clubs or training events to incorporate the sessions, we can find a way that best suits your institute.

Should you wish to book a training course with Modern Mind Training then do please get in touch.